About Miss tigrica

Miss Tigrica Is A Clothing Brand That Blends Women'S Fashion With Future Tech-Nology, Metaverse And Other Trend Elements, And Uses Trendy Clothing As TheCarrier.

Craft Graphic Design

Adopting photochromic process.
Combined with microcapsule technology to change the light.
Make the color of the flower position change immediately by the outdoor light.
Personalized visual interpretation.
The intensity of light leads the color interaction.
Density of restoration between the bright eye-catching.

Color changing T-shirt Orange-tigrica
The color changing printing makes you unique

The Misstigrica Story

Here is the battle between tiger and snake. When you are in the house, you will find that there is only a fierce snake on your clothes. But in fact, it is not the protagonist. When you go out of the house and go outdoors, you will find a tiger. Its body was entangled by the snake, but one of its front claws caught the snake's fatal position

There is an idiom in China: add wings to a tiger, which means to get strong help and become stronger. Using this design, when you are in the room, the light will not make the tiger pattern on your clothes. When you go out of the room and come into the sun, the tiger with wings will be fully displayed. This will be a new T-shirt and you will be another you

Rereshingt In Summer



Color changing T-shirt Star Ring-tigrica

Color changing T-shirt Star Ring-tigrica


Basic T-Shirt

New Arrivals